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150th Birthday Celebration of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Dr. Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda. A Filipino patriot, polymath and the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during Spanish colonial era. He was born on June 19, 1861. Dr. Rizal was a polyglot conversant in twenty two languages and an expert grammarian. He was an essayist, diarist, prolific poet, correspondent novelist, and most specially, he is our very own national hero.

Last June 20, 2011, all the Filipinos all over the world and the entire Philippines is proud and happy celebrating the birth of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Thou, he’s birthday is on June 19, 1861, the president made the day after his birthday, June 20, 2011, a holiday. This celebration made the Filipinos recall the braveness of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. In fact, the government and other organizations had teamed up to prepare some programs and activities regarding in Rizal’s birthday celebration. Different schools conducted some exhibits about Dr. Jose Rizal’s memorabilia. Other universities prepared some food that Jose Rizal likes most. Others held a celebration or party that shows the culture in Rizal’s time, the people who attends the party will dress up just like how the people in Rizal’s generation or time dresses up. Other secondary schools offered their own monument of Rizal at their school. Different organizations presented some play about Rizal’s life story, love story, and how he fought for the freedom of all Filipinos and for the freedom of our country land, the land of Philippines. Some TV stations conducted some movie advertisements and some trivia about Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Theaters presented some opera play about the execution of Dr. Rizal by the Spanish people. Different ways of celebrating Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s birthday are conducted. 150th birthday of our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, consumed a week of celebration. The greediness of freedom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal for us Filipinos and for our own national country, Philippines had let him dig his own graveyard to death.

As a simple student, I have observed that for almost a hundred years of death, still, the memories of our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal still exists. I’m amazed how our countrymen noticed and gave significance to our hero who showed us how to fight for our freedom without engaging harassment and without raising any arms. He fought for our nation by emerging optimism in every Filipinos young mind. He is a big help in the revolution by touching and improving the outer and inner patriotism by his writings. All I hope is that in every new generation, we Filipinos will take good care of an ideal battle whom Rizal and other hero’s fought for so strongly.

Japhlene Almira M. Ramos


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